From wood cardboard to composite

We offer a wide variety of packaging according to your needs, from a simple cardboard box to a large wooden box.


The cardboard packaging is made for the transport of voluminous parts not exceeding 2 meters.

It is possible to arrange the inside of the box and to create any type of marking.

Cardboard is our most economical packaging. It is interesting for the series allowing the amortization of the cutting tools.

Resistant, it can be single, double or triple fluted.


The cardboard/wood packaging is made for transport with a maximum dimension of 4m50.

This packaging is stronger than cardboard alone and is an intermediary solution between the cardboard and the wooden case. Cardboard packaging attached to a wooden pallet prevents damage to the box, especially during transportation.

The wooden cheeks allow a stronger resistance of the packaging once stacked. It also allows for fittings (handles…).


The Arkilux range is based on the use of Aquilux instead of cardboard.

The Aquilux packaging is designed for the transport of small parts, not exceeding 2m.

It is possible to arrange the inside of the Aquilux and to create any type of configuration.

Aquilux offers a better resistance to bad weather than cardboard.


Aquilux/wood packaging is designed for transport with a maximum size of 4.5m.

They offer the same advantages as cardboard/wood packaging.

They can be combined with cardboard packaging to offer better mechanical resistance as well as resistance to bad weather.


Wooden packaging has no size limit, except for transportation.

Wooden crates can be used to pack small parts up to machines.

Any type of plywood can be used depending on the part to be packaged, with a custom interior design.

The lifespan is estimated to be around 10 years.


Wood/metal crates have no size limit.

The wooden case has reinforcements that act as protection in the corners and stiffen the structure of the case.

It is an intermediary between the wooden case and the wooden polyester case.

The lifespan is estimated to be around 10-15 years.


Wooden crates can be covered with polyester.

The covering makes the crate waterproof and more resistant.

It also extends the life of the box. They can be repaired.


Large wooden crates are tailor-made.

There is no size limit except for the transport.

They are studied and developed according to the packed piece.